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When there is a fire in your home, the smoke damages more than your home. Cherished family photos, artwork, electronics, and furniture can be damaged as well. Smoke can bleed through the smallest of cracks and permeate deep into crevices and pores. This leaves behind charred soot, debris, foul odors, and potentially toxic fumes. If your home or office suffers from smoke damage contact Total Restoration of Texas today for a free evaluation and professional clean-up.

Most damaged and burned items left behind after fires are obvious and easy to see. Although some fire related damages are not seen – only smelled. During a fire, smoke and its unpleasant smell will spread though out your home or office building, including areas untouched by the fire itself. Even the smallest fire can produce a large amount of smoke and when overlooked or improperly taken care of, smoke damage can remain for years.

Did you know that you could have smoke damage without having a fire damage you home? As they say, “where there’s smoke there’s fire” – where there’s fire there’s smoke. Damage caused by smoke can come from a wide variety of different sources. Chimney-related issues, wood stove problems, furnace malfunctions, or simply burning a meal on the stove can cause smoke damage. If you have a smoke like smell at your home it could be caused by smoke. Call us today to find out.

Removing smoke odors and repairing smoke related damage is a multi-step process. The specific process is determined by what burned, the amount of oxygen present during the fire, how hot the fire got, and how long it lasted. Thick and dark soot from a kitchen grease fire will require a different course of action than a thin, light colored smoke. Smoke from chemical fires and other materials like burning plastics will require a special treatments. During your initial consultation we will determine the best course of action to remove your smoke related odors for an affordable price!

As home and business owners ourselves, we understand that you want unpleasant smoke odors removed as soon as your structures fire has been extinguished. It is very important that you consult a professional before taking any action yourself. Many times efforts to remove smoke related odors too soon are wasteful and in some cases they’re even damaging. At Total Restoration of Texas we specialize in smoke damage cleanup and odor removal. If your home of office is located in Texas and has smoke damage, contact us today for a thorough inspection.