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Fire and smoke damage can be devastating. It creates burned property, smoke-ridden homes and belongings and water damage from the extinguishing. Along with providing damage assessment, appraisal, valuation and free estimates, we can help you with a variety of services.

 Restoration Services

Fire and Smoke Board Up Services

An unoccupied home, either damaged or abandoned, is like an open safe sitting on a street corner. The contents within are unprotected, highly visible, and easily taken. If curious children, vandals, thieves, or squatters know it’s vacant they will enter. This can result in stolen property, costly damage, and possible liability. If your home is […]

Structure Repair After a Fire

Restoring any building after a fire is a big job. Very few forces in Texas can cause the damage like a fire. Fire can cause more than obvious visual damage. There are unseen damages as well that are costly to repair and hazardous to your health if not repair properly. After a fire has damaged […]

Smoke Damage Clean-up and Repair

When there is a fire in your home, the smoke damages more than your home. Cherished family photos, artwork, electronics, and furniture can be damaged as well. Smoke can bleed through the smallest of cracks and permeate deep into crevices and pores. This leaves behind charred soot, debris, foul odors, and potentially toxic fumes. If […]